Why Is Flo Home X5 The Best At-Home EV Charging Station?


Are you searching for the best at-home EV charger installation services? FLO Home X5 is your best bet when you are looking for a high-quality EV charger for your home. The latest range of FLO Home X5 is an industry-leading level-2 home-based charging solution designed for the Canadian weather. Wieser Electric is an at-home EV charger installation service provider that offers access to multiple EV charging solutions in Kingston and nearby cities.

An Insight into the Features of FLO Home X5 Charging Station

To make the most out of EV charging, you should search for the best FLO charger installation in Kingston service providers. FLO Home X5 is available as a robust EV charging unit that is made out of durable and 100% aluminium casing. The entire charging package features high-end integration and network functionality with the FLO Home X5 mobile-based app. 

When you have access to the mobile app, you can control the FLO charger along with scheduling the charge, limiting power consumption at peak hours, and tracking the overall energy consumption. Some more features of FLO Home X5 to look out for are:

1. Design and Temperature Rating

The exterior of the EV charging unit is constructed out of solid aluminium that delivers maximum protection and durability. The FLO Home X5 unit is also available with the warranty of five years, which is longer than most other chargers. The waterproof case of the unit offers all-season protection. The operating temperature range of the unit is between -40 and 50 Degrees Celsius. This diverse temperature range allows homeowners to install the unit either inside or outside the home.

The FLO Home X5 charging unit is also known to meet the UL and CSA specifications within the regulations of Canada’s laws. It is available with built-in security features to offer maximum protection to the vehicle and your house against common power fluctuations. 

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2. Smart Capabilities

This charger by FLO is available with high-end, smart features that put you in total control while allowing you to schedule your EV charging sessions. In turn, you are able to leverage the benefit of the lowest possible rates for electricity in your area, saving ample money for several years to come.

From your smartphone, you are capable of checking the charging status, locking the charger away, starting and stopping your charger remotely, and so more. It is also possible to adjust the respective power delivery to the vehicle. 

3. Dynamic Power Sharing

As EV adoption is increasingly becoming more popular, a number of multi-vehicle homes are required to power more than a single EV unit. FLO Home X5’s feature of dynamic power sharing helps eliminate the need for expensive upgrades to the electrical panel upon installing a second charger. When the same is paired effectively with X5, it is utilised as a core 30A breaker while charging both vehicles simultaneously. There are several high-end features of FLO Home X5 that you can leverage for rapid and cost-effective EV charging at your home, especially during the winters. If you’d like to install a Flo Home X5 at your property or office, Wieser Electric is happy to assist you.

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