Why Should You Get A Smart Charging Station For At-Home EV Charging? 


At-home charging stations are a must after purchasing an electric vehicle, especially considering the Canadian winters. Plug the EV in for charge at night and it should be completely charged when you wake up the next day. However, you can’t track how efficiently the charging happens or when’s the best time to charge. These issues can be easily solved by installing a smart at-home EV charger like the FLO Home™ X5 – Smart EV Charging Station. 

It has a certified operating temperature range of -40°C to 50°C and can be placed indoors or outdoors. You can pair it with the FLO App to schedule your charge, track energy rates and usage, and manage users. 

Here are 5 benefits of installation a smart at-home EV charging station: 

1. Faster charging

A smart EV charger maximises the charging power under safe limits. This ensures that your electric vehicle is charged faster. It is also safer compared to a regular charger since the unit will automatically test the current and the connection before beginning the charging process. It can also stop charging if there’s a problem. 

2. Optimise energy use 

Using the FLO App, you can monitor usage, electricity consumption, and how often your EV needs charging. This information can help you optimise the time you want to charge, how long you need to charge to get to a desired level, and how to charge. If you have solar panels installed to use for EV charging, which is commonly seen across EV owners, you can optimise that too. During winters, you might have to rely on traditional electricity. Using the app, you can switch the energy source. 

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3. Schedule charging sessions

In Ontario, you are charged different rates depending on what time you use electricity. To save money while charging your EV, you can use the app to schedule charging sessions. Plug the car to charge and it won’t start charging until your scheduled time. You can read more about electricity rates here.  

4. Easier to troubleshoot issues

Your EV not charging properly? Just run a diagnosis on your app and you’ll get a report on the problem. Send it over to your electrician and they’ll get the issue fixed as soon as possible. This takes guesswork out of the process and helps reach the solution quicker. If the issue is more completed, the charger company will run an in-depth diagnosis and repair or replace any faulty parts. 

5. Monitor electricity consumption 

With a smart at-home level 2 EV charger, you can monitor precisely the amount of electricity your EV needs. This will help avoid disputes among your tenants on energy consumption and utility division. Eventually, the charger will optimise itself to balance electricity supply and demand and lower your bills. 

Wieser Electric is an official partner with FLO and can help you install the FLO Home™ X5 – Smart EV Charging Station in Kingston and surrounding cities. Give us a call and one of our technicians will stop by to assess your property’s requirements for the installation and provide an upfront quote as well. Please reach out to us today.

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