Upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning Will Be Able to Charge Other Lightnings


Ford has got us excited about their all electric F-150 Lightning. Here’s some good news for all Ford truck fans out there : The F-150 Lighting will be able to charge other F-150 Lightnings. 

Linda Zhang, Chief Engineer, the brains behind the F-150 Lightning, mentioned during the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show that Ford went through multiple challenges to ensure the new EV truck ranks high on performance and practicality.

According to Zhang, Ford is experimenting with charging other EVs with the Lightning however other EV models don’t currently have the Mach-E system, which is needed to transmit and accept electricity. Zhang had this idea after the launch of the 2021 Ford F-150 PowerBoost.

In other news 

There’s been an interesting turn of events regarding the collaboration between Ford and Rivian to make a new Ford electric vehicle. A Ford spokesperson mentioned that after extensive discussions with Rivian, both have jointly decided to not pursue any EV development. 

Ford owns 12% of the company, which became public in November 2021. Rivian is currently worth one and a half times more than the Michigan automaker. 

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Rivian Electric Truck

Other than that, Ford’s continuing with their plan of increasing EV production. Recently, the company’s CEO, Jim Farley tweeted that they will produce 600,000 electric vehicles every year until 2023. They took this decision to meet the rise in demand across America. 

With many people starting to make the switch already, the future is bright for EVs across North America. Apart from being eco-friendly alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles, the ability to charge EVs at home is a major selling point. 

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