How to Install An AFCI Breaker?


Does your AFCI breaker keep tripping? There are so many reasons that could be happening! The AFCI breaker isn’t installed properly or is old and needs to be replaced.

AFCI breaker installation is super easy and takes less than 2 hours. It is an absolute must in every household since it is a protective device that disconnects the damaged circuit from the main electric system to avoid the system from heating up and getting burnt.

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Tools you need to install an AFCI Breaker 

1. AFCI breaker that matches the amperage of the circuit (usually between 15 or 20 amps)

2. Screwdriver

3. Flashlight

4. Non-conductive floor mat or footwear 

Here’s how to install an AFCI breaker in just 5 easy steps: 

1. Switch off the main circuit breaker

To install the breaker, you’ll have to first switch off the main circuit breaker. Remember, this will turn off your entire house’s electricity, so do it during daytime and when it’s not too hot or cold. 

Every main circuit has multiple AFCI breakers, usually one for each room of the house. Find the ones that you want to replace. 

2. Take off the panel cover

Before you touch any of the AFCI circuits, make sure to use a circuit tester to ensure that the power is off. The installation process is pretty simple and doesn’t lead to any accident but for your own safety, wear insulated boots. 

Unscrew the panel cover and set it aside along with all the screws. You’ll need them again while reinstalling the main circuit. 

3. Take out the old circuit breaker 

Find the circuit breaker you want to replace and pull it out firmly. Sometimes you might have to pull at an angle. Make sure to not touch any other part of the circuit because there might be some residual power in it. 

Once you pull it out, take your screwdriver to remove the black circuit wire. Your next step is to disconnect the white neutral wire from the circuit and neutral bus bar on the main panel. 

4. Connect the new breaker

Before you connect the new AFCI breaker Canada, ensure it’s switched off. Start by connecting the white pigtail wire to the neutral bus bar of the panel and then screw it tightly. 

Now connect the white neutral circuit wire to the LOAD NEUTRAL (circuit breaker terminal lug). The last connection is the black hot wire to the main circuit’s lug called the  LOAD POWER.

5. Install the new AFCI breaker 

Place the new breaker in place just like pulled out in step 2 (in the opposite direction). You’ll hear a snap when the installation is successful. Screw the panel cover back and turn on the main circuit followed by the AFCI breaker. Test it using the circuit tester button (switch should be off). 

After getting a successful reading, reset the breaker using the flip switch. Now that it’s set to ON, your job is done. 

It’s important to purchase an AFCI breaker that is Ontario code compliant. If you’re looking for an AFCI breaker installation Kingston contact David at Wieser Electric! We also offer a number of other home improvement services. You can read more about them here.

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