Computer Circuits

Are you one of those people who has all different devices plugged into outlets and power bars, maybe even power bars into power bars? While we are sure that every cord under your desk is important, a mess of power bars and cords could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen.

With so many devices in one room and then adding more of them to the list, there is a good chance that your circuit could be overloaded and a hazard. Having said that, it’s best to have one or two dedicated outlets installed for your computer and computer hardware alone to be safe.

It’s very important because overloaded circuits can cause fire, electrocution, property damage and destroy your computer.  The licensed electric experts at Wieser Electric can install the right circuit for your needs and clean up all the cords behind your desk, so they are organized and most importantly…safe.

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When I called David he was there to pick up the phone, which was nice to speak to a live person not a machine. He was able to come give me an estimate right away. He was very professional. Once I booked the appointment he was right on time and did a great job, he even cleaned up after himself. The price was great and I would highly recommend him for any electrical work you would need.

Herbert Lima
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